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WE also operate in Australia as ecotecture

Ranald Boydell

B.Sci.Arch.(Sydney) 1987
Dip.Arch.(Edinburgh) 1991
Registered Architect NSWARB (Australia)


Ranald Boydell has been practicing architecture in the UK and his native Australia for over 20 years. After running his own practice in Australia, Ranald has also worked in a variety of roles in the building industry, including other architectural firms, a commercial property developer; councils and other public bodies, and tutoring at universities. This has given Ranald a holistic view of the building process, of the need for open communication with all parties from the outset, and the importance of approaching each project with an open mind. Ranald has developed a strong reputation for his architectural skills, with numerous public and private clients in both Australia and the UK. His portfolio includes over 50 built projects and 100 architectural reports.

Direct Dial: +44 01896 480484

Mobile: +44 07847 300762


NSWARB registration no. 6296


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