Boydell Architecture Ltd

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WE also operate in Australia as ecotecture


Boydell Architecture has decades of experience across a broad range of architectural projects and building types, including residential, commercial and public buildings.

We have particular experience in the design and refurbishment of country houses, old or new, large or small, and all the associated infrastructure which is essential to country life. This includes their garden and landscape setting, the practical demands of working farm and equestrian facilities, and all the clobber related to country pursuits and daily life on an estate.

This same practical approach is applied to buildings in towns and cities, where architectural ambitions must be tempered by the demands of limited space, the need for visual and acoustic privacy, and always mindful to respond appropriately to their urban context.

We also have extensive experience in compiling planning and policy documents, using our practical knowledge of buildings and the environment to formulate pragmatic guidelines for the future management and development of places. Projects range from single buildings through to whole city areas, for both public and private clients.