Copeland Gold Mine

The Mountain Maid Gold Mine has been in almost continuous operation from 1876 until the last mining license was terminated in 1979. Since then, it has continued to operate as a mine site for tourism purposes, and is now managed by the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service. The project involved preparation of a detailed Conservation Management Plan, prepared in accordance with the Burra Charter, to assess the significance and condition of the site and propose guidelines for its ongoing management. The physical fabric of the site comprises: • the site itself, the landforms and the creek, and evidence of man-shaped features • the mine entrance and tunnel • various buildings, old and new • the bridge, and remnants of other bridges • fixed operational equipment such as the explosives magazine, stampers and rail tracks • loose operational equipment, such as skips and parts of other machines The study team included various specialised subconsultants: historian Cynthia Hunter, engineer Bill Jordan, archaeologist Judy Birmingham, and quantity surveyors Wise & Horton. The report was completed in 2006.