Kaidmoot Homestead

The existing farm house was a simple timber cottage with numerous ad-hoc additions. Although it had no architectural character, it was structurally sound and in the best location for a house, so the decision was made to retain it. The house was substantially extended and completely remodelled to create a modern working farm house. The main addition was a large open plan living/dining/kitchen space with tall raked ceilings, facing north to capture the winter sun in the cold climate of the New England Tablelands. Its roof-line was extended across the existing building to create a single large roof form, capped with a lantern at the ridge junction, that would be a prominent feature within the farm landscape. Wide verandahs wrap around the house, sometimes enclosed or glazed according to the use of the adjacent rooms. Walls and roof are clad with corrugated steel, or with rough sawn timber boards where sheltered by the verandah.